Beautiful Garden


“You killed me Bian”, Reeth said. “It’s like something inside me died, if God heals me I’m coming back to you or never”.  “I’m sorry Reeth… I’m sorry… very sorry.

It was as if everything was mourning.

Reeth found a mail that Bian had written to his friend. The mail said “I’m getting married because I want a wife who earns well. I’ve been supporting my family from my teenage. The girl I’m marrying…. she is not even Beautiful, it’s not a love marriage. I guess this is my fate”.

Bian and Reeth had been married for 3months now.

Bian was a very caring and loving guy, but hardships made him stern and practical. Reeth was a giver, a dreamer and believed in miracles.

As in some arranged marriage, The couple enter into a relation without getting a chance to understanding each other well. Their relation was more like a ritual.

Reeth was thought obedience and respect. Responsibilities were not new to Bian. So Reeth respected Bian and Bian saw Reeth as his new responsibility.

Time passed, Reeth won Bian with her respect and care. She listened to his life story of struggle and defeat with appreciation.

Bian had never seen such innocent and caring eyes. He was her hero. Yet they did not utter the word high profile word called Love.  They never hoped for love in an arranged marriage. But they did not know that Love would find them.

Reeth became to Bian, a beautiful garden. That’s what he called her. He craved to be with her. He started losing himself in her. Reeth had eyes only for Bian.

All they wanted was to be with each other, look into each others eyes and smile in disbelief. He could not believe that he could ever love someone so much.

He knew that even before love, Reeth respected him. That was love for Bian.

Then the fateful day came. Bian came home and found Reeth in tears. She told him about the mail. She was shattered, felt unworthy and unwanted. She thought this marriage was a compromise, he could have had someone more beautiful. She could not trust Bian’s love anymore.

Bian told her that the mail was true and that he had never expected that he would love her. But he did and madly loved her.

Days passed, it was now two days since Reeth had looked at Bian. But their eyes were always on each other. Her heart was in pain and so was he.

Bian was growing restless without Reeth. He was wanted to talk, he wanted her to look at him. She was his beautiful garden, his solace. He needed her, he wanted her. Reeth could feel his restlessness.

Reeth also missed his protective arms around her. She missed the warmth of their love.

Day four, Bian comes home to find Reeth lost in her thoughts. He hugs her and says “this is enough Reeth, I need you back. I missed you, I missed you badly.”

Reeth was so grateful that Bian hugged her. May be she was waiting for him, she wanted a sign. She knew that he had hurt her, but only he could heal her. She let him wipe her tears.

She said, “so you wanted someone beautiful and you had to compromise with me.” Bian said, “Yes it is true that you are not that beautiful, but you are mine, this is my life and it is beautiful with you.” They cried till he could no more.

Bian looked at his beautiful garden. They found peace and love again.





Author: generalnothing

I am Regina Emmanuel. Writer at heart, Image and Behavioral Consultant by profession. I believe in Humility, Love and Peace. I love reading, music and singing. I totally adore nature. Try to keep life simple and yes grateful and humble. I write to express my thoughts. I love to talk about not just issues but also about possible answers. Whenever I write, I try to think about the most hopeful version of my story. Balancing reality and hope is my act. Let someone be comforted, learn, receive hope, at least a bit, this is the goal of my writing. Am an avid blogger. My blog talks about love, life, relations, the heart, mind and emotions. In, I write about health, beauty and life. I would like my readers to read my blogs with a feeling of being understood or something like "I've been there". I rejoice when I'm able to give my readers a piece of my heart and if I can, some peace of mind. Grace upon Grace we have all receive in different ways. This life is a beautiful gift. 'Let there be light'.

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