When life gives you lemons


Heard this so many times, you think. Well when Life hands you lemons make lemonade. Why just lemonade. If life hands you too many then, extract the juice, freeze it. Drink, lose weight, add in a facial and glow, get the rind and make some salad.

This is not determination or courage. This has been the survival theory since humankind. We have complicated life enough. Do I mean that we have to be beings sans emotion. Definitely not.

Let me give you an example, the word depression became a lasting fad from the late 80’s. Ask a daily wage earner what they know about depression. They are clueless, because they are either happy and laugh, they are angry and fight or they are sad and cry.

But they never stop and droop, they don’t know what is binge eating, they don’t splurge shop, nor do they stare into nothingness for hours in depression. They just take stock of the situation, grieve over it, weep. They will do something if they can or just move on.

The most humane reaction to defeats in life is to move. Movement is the very thing life is made of.

Does that not make life simple? Different people faced with the same situation, but our reaction is different. It’s how we see things.

Diane and Dawn are two sisters; both are going through a bitter experience in their married life.

Diane says “Why me, what wrong have I done. My husband does not deserve me.”

Dawn says “I’m blessed, this could have been worse. I know my faults, I have received many undeserved blessings.”

A true and unbiased evaluation of oneself is the secret to contentment. Valuing ourselves more than we actually are is the root cause of all dissatisfaction.

The law of nature is humility. It is said, The humble shall surely inherit the earth.

Life is movement. The earth like an athlete runs its course, each and every single day, since its creation. The heart beats throughout out our life. The creation follows a course and a rhythm of life. This movement is the reason we are all alive.

It is this movement that is the essence of life. We also when we are faced with defeat, we should take the natural course, which is moving and definitely move forward for better.

Author: generalnothing

I am Regina Emmanuel. Writer at heart, Image and Behavioral Consultant by profession. I believe in Humility, Love and Peace. I love reading, music and singing. I totally adore nature. Try to keep life simple and yes grateful and humble. I write to express my thoughts. I love to talk about not just issues but also about possible answers. Whenever I write, I try to think about the most hopeful version of my story. Balancing reality and hope is my act. Let someone be comforted, learn, receive hope, at least a bit, this is the goal of my writing. Am an avid blogger. My blog Generalnothing.com talks about love, life, relations, the heart, mind and emotions. In CanvasClinic.com, I write about health, beauty and life. I would like my readers to read my blogs with a feeling of being understood or something like "I've been there". I rejoice when I'm able to give my readers a piece of my heart and if I can, some peace of mind. Grace upon Grace we have all receive in different ways. This life is a beautiful gift. 'Let there be light'.

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