Judgement – The Lion and the Lamb


This picture does not need a description. The lioness attacked a deer herd and was rewarded with the feeblest member of the clan, the fawn. What happens next is life and the fact that ‘Survival of the Fittest’, is still the only law of the world.

As I dwelt on this brutal reality, my mind started weaving a story. The central character of the story is neither the lioness nor the fawn, but it is the photographer who captured this image.

The photographer set his camp in the wilderness, he braved into the thicket hoping to get an award winning picture, he should be happy he did.

He was always well equipped with a gun to save his dear life, some concern for the wild made him carry a tranquilizer, a diary to write his thoughts and a camera, the sign of his passion.

He would not set foot without these four things, the gun, tranquilizer, camera and his diary.

The photographer thrilled, the hunt began. He hid in the safety of his vehicle as the lioness chased the deer herd and in a moment the fawn was in its embrace. The photographer was kindled with excitement, to see the ‘Lion and the Lamb’ in the same frame, in this case the ‘lioness and the fawn’. He gloried the beautiful creation, as the little fawn lay in the arms of this dangerous stranger.

The photographer immediately seized the image, which he knew were the last moments. ‘This will make a great story’, he thought.

The lioness does not kill the fawn; she seems awe her catch. The photographer grabs his diary to write his thoughts, his emotions flow into his words.

He raised his head to see the fawn still breathing. He could not look away from the tender fawn, its innocence and beauty, his heart is filled with pity. In a moment of sudden rage, he reaches for his gun, loads it and aims it at the lioness. He could not shoot. He takes a deep breath, puts his gun down. ‘How can I do this’, said he.

He then frantically searches his bag. It was as if he is grief stricken. ‘The lioness will kill it any moment’, he thought. He looks and sees, the lioness wickedly caressing, the fawn still alive. Again he searches desperately and finds the tranquilizer. He sets it and is all ready to change the fate of the fawn.

He stops, closes his eyes, breathes slowly, wipes the sweat of his brow, starts his vehicle, the fawn in the arms of its killer. He leaves the forest.


Author: generalnothing

I am Regina Emmanuel. Writer at heart, Image and Behavioral Consultant by profession. I believe in Humility, Love and Peace. I love reading, music and singing. I totally adore nature. Try to keep life simple and yes grateful and humble. I write to express my thoughts. I love to talk about not just issues but also about possible answers. Whenever I write, I try to think about the most hopeful version of my story. Balancing reality and hope is my act. Let someone be comforted, learn, receive hope, at least a bit, this is the goal of my writing. Am an avid blogger. My blog Generalnothing.com talks about love, life, relations, the heart, mind and emotions. In CanvasClinic.com, I write about health, beauty and life. I would like my readers to read my blogs with a feeling of being understood or something like "I've been there". I rejoice when I'm able to give my readers a piece of my heart and if I can, some peace of mind. Grace upon Grace we have all receive in different ways. This life is a beautiful gift. 'Let there be light'.

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