What happened?…..Nothing…


The successful say, “I started with nothing”.

The poor man says, “I’ve nothing to lose”.

The girl in a turmoil of emotions says, “nothing”.

The fashionista says, “I’ve got nothing in my wardrobe”.

The couple whisper sweet nothings to each other.

Ask the mischievous kid, what they are up to, the answer is “Nothing”.

“Hey, what are you thinking ….. Nothing Much..

Everyone seems to have nothing. Everyone seems to own this so called ‘Nothing’.  There is some enormity in this word.

Ever tried to stare at Nothing. Just take a moment. Pause and think Nothing. Let your mind go blank. No thoughts, questions or emotions. We will realize our own Nothingness.

Nothingness is a virtue. Not the slightest hue of Proud Humility or Humble Pride. Both are imposters, they fool us always. Ponder upon your own nothingness and you will realize that you are just a speck in this creation. Yet you are awesome and wonderfully made.

Nothingness is gratefulness for all that I have, own and possess. Deserved and Undeserved. Nothingness is the realization of my own folly and the wisdom that dwells in me.

Nothingness is an effort of Love to give back as much good as I can, as long as I can to others.

Ever wondered why flowers are so beautifully created and yet they wither in a day. Is all their beauty for Nothing?

Yes, Nothingness is the Answer. We live in a bubble, we are just a puff of breath. We are like flowers that bloom today and are gone tomorrow. Still they are glory and love personified.

How often we say, “I have nothing to give….”.  Well that exactly what we all need…. Nothingness.

So let’s give that Nothingness.